American Business Legacy Islamic Bureau of Authentic Norms and Knowhow

American Business Legacy (AMBUL) Lead Islamic Fund (ALIF) for Improvise Business – Advance Development – Asset Transfer (IBADAT) specially designed projects for Pakistanis under AMBUL Islamic Fund for Economic Development (AMIFED), formerly known as AMBUL Islamic Banking Corporation of the AMBUL Islamic Impact Equity Fund, is incorporated in June 2022 by the Secretary of State of Texas United States of America. 

AMIFED is recognized as an American multinational financial institution that upholds Islamic principles and is registered under the Bank Secrecy Act, ensuring compliance with FATCA Regulations of the US Department of the Treasury. AMIFED operates as an Islamic Financial Intermediary Fund, AMIFED functions as a private equity and venture capital fund management company with legal status as a non-banking financial institution (NBFI). AMIFED holds a Global Intermediary Identification Number (GIIN), a 19-digit number assigned by the US Department of the Treasury, which, enables AMIFED to sponsor foreign financial institutions (FFIs) as subsidiaries or branches, as well as sponsor non-foreign financial entities (NFFEs) as member entities on a global scale for Pakistanis, Pakistani Diasporas, and Dual Nationals Pakistanis.  

AMIFED integrates traditional business practices with impact investing while adhering to Islamic finance principles. This strategy fosters innovation by supporting projects that address social and environmental challenges, offering flexible financial returns above market standards. Notably, 90% of the corporation's income is tax-free under IRS Regulation M as a Regulated Investment Company (RIC). AMIFED's regulatory structure of IRS Regulation M seamlessly aligns with Islamic principles, ensuring 90% of pre-tax profit is distributed to Sukuk holders as dividends or rentals.