AMBUL Islamic Banking Corporation of Texas is a registered Non-Bank Financial Institution (NBFI) by the US Department of Treasury under the FinCEN - Bank Secrecy Act as a Money Services Business (MSB). AMBUL Islamic Banking Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of AMBUL Islamic Impact Equity Fund Inc., registered by the Secretary of State Texas, operating as an innovative financial intermediary fund (fund of funds). The Secretary of State Texas registers the AMBUL BANK trademark.


In addition, AMBUL Islamic Banking Corporation is registered under United States FATCA (Act) 2010 as a US Financial Institution (USFI), fulfilling all compliance requirements of US federal law for operating a US Financial Institution and allowed to establish as a foreign branch of a US Financial Institution in any country as desire, under FATCA. All branches cited as Foreign Financial Institutions (FFI) will be assigned a unique Global Intermediary Identification Number (GIIN). 


AMBUL Islamic Banking Corporation's two applications are pending approval; first, by US SBA for an SBIC license; this entity will be the United States' first Islamic SBIC. Once the SBIC license is awarded by SBA, the newly licensed SBIC will be eligible (qualified) for SBA-guaranteed funding to invest in small business entities. Another certification by Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) of the US Treasury, once the certification to AMBUL Bank®, qualifies for CDFI Bond Guarantee Program; the program application deadline is June 09, 2023, with the signing of Public-Private Engagement eligibility for New Market Tax Credit Program.   


AMBUL Islamic Banking Corporation will soon register offshore corporations in Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, China (SEZ), Germany, Iraq, Kenya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Qatar, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Uzbekistan, and Zambia. In these countries AMBUL Bank have associates, NBFI operation are allowed in all these countries under World Bank advice.   


AMBUL Islamic Banking Corporation, Lead Financial Institution, started branches in 20 countries, foreign financial institution offshore registration will enable to open business banking accounts in countries to activate as Money Services Business and marketing office of Texas Climate Action Bonds; the targeted audience is the US citizens and Pakistani diaspora permanently living in these countries.


AMBUL Islamic Banking Corp. establish foreign branches in countries where AMBUL Bank® likes to start business activities according to the corporate laws of the land, as permitted under the United States FATCA Act to US Financial Institutions. AMBUL Bank® foreign branch will form a joint venture company, namely GEO-CAM-FIT Services (Global Emerging Opportunities – Climate Action Mitigation - Fiduciary and Investment Trust), as in some countries, some keywords are not allowed to be part of the name of the domestic company.


GEO-CAM-FIT Services will be professionally managed by AMBUL associate living in country of registration to provide expert advice on capitalization, recapitalizations, investment market insights, liability management, hedging, other transactions-related affairs, and fiduciary services. On behalf of AMBUL Islamic Banking Corporation's domestic company, GEO-CAM-FIT Services will appoint a licensed bank or non-bank to act as custodian of raised Texas Climate Action Bond, AMBUL Sukuk, and Texas Sukuk funds and underlying assets.


Texas Climate Action Bond, AMBUL Sukuk, and Texas Sukuk are flexible income investment schemes issued for three, five, and seven years tenures and amounts ranging within the upper limit of SIPC. Texas climate action bond, AMBUL Sukuk, and Texas Sukuk are offshore securities issued under regulation S of the US Securities Act 1933 for overseas investors and US citizens living abroad. Facilitating the Originators' mandate as "Harnessing Impact Investment Beyond-Borders – For Sustainable Development and Inclusive Growth."


AMBUL Bank® will form the branch in the country where AMBUL business associate is residing as foreign (US registered) for raising funds for Texas Climate Action Bond. A joint venture corporation of AMBUL Bank (NBFI) will separately form and reported as subsidiary. Since operate as Islamic or regulated investment company, or as R.E.I.T which allow joint venture management to retain 10% of the profit and disburse 90% to investors. 

GEO-CAM-FIT Services core business activities will be Climate Change Mitigation products resilient supply chain including Electric Vehicles, beside Texas Climate Action Bond. The domestic corporation start with minimum authorize capital, after formal business plan, authorize capital will increase as per the laws of land, the Development Finance Institutions will be short listed after approval of business plan of country.